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PropertyNet Cloud FAQs 

  • Q1 : From where can I adjust the default value for contract calendar to be Gregorian or Hijri?

Answer: From System Admin >> Company Settings >> General Settings >> Calendar (choose either Gregorian or Hijri based on company policy.


  • Q2 : What are the administration units? From where can I define a new one?

Answer: They are branches or departments inside the company; you can define it from: System Admin >> Administration Unit >> Add Administration Unit.


  • Q3 : What are the uses for drawings at the start page of the system?

Answer: They are performance indications about company performance from different aspects like debt aging, monthly collections, occupancy ration based on area or value or number and expected cash flows. These drawings give you quick glance about rental department in the company and the future for this activity.


  • Q4 : If I recorded a rent contract in the system, can I add the signed copy inside the system? 

Answer: Yes, you can do that easily. From Rental Contract >> Attachment >> Add Attachment


  • Q5 : What do you mean by incremental contract?

Answer: A lot of long term commercial rental contracts have incremental values based on certain percentage or value for every year based on the agreement between the tenant and the owner of the property. System allows you to save incremental values based on percent or value.


  • Q6 : If the tenant pays the rent every six months, from where can I define that?

Answer: from Rent Contract Scree, at field Payment Term and choose Half Yearly.



  • Q7 : In rent contract screen, what is the difference between Issue Date, Delivery Date and start Date?


Issue Date:  date of writing the contract.

Delivery Date: date of delivering the unit to the tenant in order to start preparing the decoration for the unit.

Start Date: Actual date for the contract from financial view after the grace period.


  • Q8 : What do you mean by frozen debt?

Answer: It is the debts due from tenant to the owner before start working on the system, or, the amount of money due from tenant after vacating process from the system


  • Q9 : Can I rent the unit based on meter price? Or as lump sum?

Answer: Yes you can do that. From Master Codes >> Units >> enter the meter rent after feeding area, or enter the rent amount as lump sum.


  • Q10 : In Banks setup screen, what do you mean by Company Bank?

Answer: It is the bank account that belongs to the company where we deposit the transfers and the cheques.


  • Q11 : From where can I define the coordinates of my property on google Map?

Answer: From Setup >> Building >> Enter the longitude and latitude or press on google map icon.


  • Q12 : Can I make one rent contract for two units where they are in different buildings?

Answer: No, you cannot do that. Each contract has to be liked with one cost center only.


  • Q13 : Dose system allows partial vacating? If the contract has more than one unit, and we would like to vacate one and keep the others?

Answer: No, you cannot do that. This action has a lot of financial impacts. You have to vacate all the units, and make new contract for the other units.


  • Q14 : If I received an amount from the tenant, and the amount includes different installments like rent, insurance, electricity, how can I record that in the system?

Answer: From Screen Cash Management >> Receipt voucher >> Installments>> Allocating amount to each installment as needed.


  • Q15 : What do you mean by early vacating in vacating screen?

Answer: It means vacating before end of contract. Here the system calculates the due amount for the tenants.


  • Q16 : How can I know the expired contracts within a period?

Answer: From Reports >> PN Category >> Expired Contracts within a period, add parameters to choose the date/building/…etc.


  • Q17 : How can I print the report on Excel or PDF file?

Answer: You can do that easily after running the report, then choose type of the file then press on Generate button to get the file in Excel or PDF file format.