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TradeNet Risk Management TradeNet platform offers the unique combination of a robust, reliable Equity Trading Management System and a wide variety of channels to access the brokerage service to satisfy the needs of basic, sophisticated, and mobile investors. With over a decade of experience in the brokerage business TradeNet realized that the key driver to have efficiency is to: 1. Eliminate or prevent the errors that significantly increase the cost of many brokerage firms such as the errors that happen in data entry during the reconciliation. 2. Full automation of transaction mechanics, the accounting and settlement processes which trickle after a transaction occurs. 3. Intelligent, real-time management of the exposure that happens when customers are allowed to place buy orders with insufficient fund or when customers’ margins are not effectively incorporated in the order management processes. TradeNet provides a fully automated, real-time trading, accounting and settlement processes. This is an end-to-end automation. The order is created, matched, and settled, in a 100% automated manner, while applying all the relevant exchange, regulator and company’s business rules that are configurable in the system. TradeNet risk management is multi-market and multi-currency in all processes like portfolio valuation, mar-gin lending, and settlement.

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