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FOXX (broker, my port)

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Built for productivity and efficiency, TradeNet Traders and dealers workstations supports users with the latest market information and news from multiple sources and provides them with the tools needed to serve existing clients and generate new business efficiently. TradeNet Traders and dealers’ workstations are desktop applications that provide brokers / dealers with ability to manage orders, monitor market activities, and have real-time access to their clients’ information, holdings and cash positions. TradeNet FOX is a dealer workstation which is designed to meet the needs of sell-side brokers / dealers who require a solution that can address their trade execution and order processing needs. FOX allows traders to execute, process, and monitor orders efficiently. As an execution system, the user is able to trade with multiple exchanges from the same screen. MyPort provides investors with the ability to manage their orders. It is also facilitate monitoring the market activities (trades and deals, market depth, Market by order and market by prices etc.) and have real-time access to their holdings and cash positions.

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