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property net cloud is a solution will let you follow up your units and contracts from everywhere at any time with alerts and dashboard services in a simple user interface

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Rental contract:
User selects one or more units related to same building, specify contract period, payment terms, and contact calendar, if multi-year contract then contract could be incremental, always tenant could be charged different values such as security deposit, or any additions on contract such as admin fee etc. System auto-generate installments based on contract start, period, calendar, and payment terms.

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Contract Vacating:

Contract could be vacated with contract end date or earlier, if early vacate system calculates early rent to be returned to tenant (user can specify the returned amount to other value even zero). System calculates contract balance based on debit amounts (damages, electricity, un-paid installments, etc.) and credit amounts (security deposit refund, early vacating rent, etc.).


Receipt voucher:
user can receive collection to settle due installments from one or more contracts related to the selected tenant, system auto allocate the collected amount on due installments according to first due installments, and user can reallocate it as he wish, however system supports receiving advance from tenant.

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product showcase 1


Applying the electronic invoice:
Full application of all terms and requirements of the electronic invoice as a service provider that supports the electronic tax invoice in accordance with the instructions of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Contract Renewals:
Easily renew multiple contract with one click if auto renewed contract also we can choose to renew contact manually with application of any required changes to period, payment term, lease amount or even contract additions.

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Broker and Broker’s agreements Management:

Buildings and units can be assigned for certain broker through brokerage agreement who will be the only authorized to manage leasing operations, collection and expense of this units which complies with Ejar rules.


Title Deeds Management:
Register title deed with all related details and link it with related buildings.

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Expenses Management:

Manage all type of expense and register them on building or unit level so you can compare your revenues versus expenses.


Budgetary Expense management:
Assign a certain budget for all expense types on particular period to track and monitor any deviation on actual expense.

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Legal Agents and Agency Agreement Management

Definition of agency agreement with validity period so leasing can be authorized by legal agent on behave of real owners which complies with Ejar rules


Service Invoice Management
Manage and track any type of services provided for your customer which is not included or agreed within the leasing contract

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Advance Collection Management

Track and record advances collected form your customer which can be used to settle any dues after contracting.


Receipt Voucher Management
Track and record your customer payment which can be fully or partial and can be bulk against one contract or more in one transaction.

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Payment Voucher Management

Track and record your payments to your customers to pay back any advances form customer.


Frozen debit Management
Follow up the collection of frozen debits resulting from closed contracts.

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