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Manage your properties throughout a professional Real Estate Management software

PropertyNet is the market leader of Real Estate Management software in Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia. At PropertyNet, we believe in collaborating with our customers over the long-term through our knowledge as well as flexible business and delivery models.


Property Net is one of the leading real estate management software in the Middle East by providing excellent and satisfying services to its clients and following them more continuously.

PropertyNet has been dedicated to support Real Estate Industries across Saudi Arabia, providing solutions to our customers for more than twenty years. Our system was proven by real estate industries and was able to increase their sales and revenue. Our success has been the fruit of cooperation between us and our customers in domestic and overseas market. The system has been tested and matched by the real estate companies in Saudi Arabia, and Now, Company as to be inline with the technology worldwide jump, decided to publish the system on the cloud and the launch the PropertyNet-Cloud to its customers to provide its services to a larger segment of real estate companies in the Arab world. PropertyNet is a part of KnowledgeNet Group “the international trade name which offer its services in 4 different countries Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Kuwait”- and now offers its services through the cloud throughout the Arab world.

Product features list

Follow up your units

Lease your units faster

better collection performance to maximize your lease revenue

Manage different owner’s properties with very easy interface

Create Unit, Tenant and contract in less than one minute

Lease in both Hijri Gregorian calendar

Real time Management dashboard

Access application anywhere

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